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Rappahannock Area ASAP

12 Chatham Heights Road, Suite 102
Fredericksburg, VA 22405 MAP

Phone: (540) 645-6310
Fax:     (540) 645-6304

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Serves the area(s) of:

Counties of:
Caroline, King George, Spotsylvania, and Stafford
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Programs Offered
Intervention Interview
Habitual Offender Evaluation
Probation / Monitoring Services
DUI Court

Program Activities and Direct Client Services

Intervention Interview
The Rappahannock Area ASAP provides the Intervention Interview, which is required by the Virginia DMV when a driver incurs two Driving on Suspended convictions for failure to pay fines, on their driving record within a ten year period of time. The intervention educates the offender about the consequences of further charges and how to address the behaviors that have resulted in the offenses.

Habitual Offender Evaluations
The Virginia Code 46.2-360 directs the local ASAP to complete a Habitual Offender Evaluation for Court review when a habitual offender petitions for restoration of driving privilege.

Probation/Monitoring Services
Offenders are referred by the court for supervision to the Rappahannock Area ASAP, the referred offenses include DUI, alcohol related Reckless Driving, Probation before Judgment, Driving after Consumption, Misdemeanor drug offenses, alcohol related domestic relations convictions, pre-trial assessment and probation and Habitual Offenders restored to restricted driving privilege. Each offender referred to the Rappahannock Area ASAP for supervision is assessed, placed into an intervention program specific to their level of substance abuse and monitored throughout participation. If at anytime during the assigned probation monitoring an offender experiences problems with alcohol/drug abuse, reassessment and intervention for the problem is initiated for appropriate services.

Reckless Aggresive Driver Education Program (RADEP)
The RADEP is a 12-hour program offered for persons charged with non-alcohol related reckless
and/or aggressive driving offenses. The program is presented in one 8-hour session and one 8-
hour segment based on a DMV approved VASAP driver improvement curriculum
4-hour session. Segment one is an 8-hour segment based on a DMV approved VASAP driver
improvement curriculum. This 8-hour segment is a prerequisite to participate in the 4-hour
Reckless Aggressive session. Segment two is a 4-hour session that addresses the many causes
of reckless/aggressive driving and teaches methods to avoid situations which encourage
dangerous driving behavior. Classes are held on weekends and evenings. The cost of the 12-
hour program is $125.00.

Driver Improvement Program
8-hour Driver Improvement Program based on a DMV approved VASAP driver improvement
curriculum is a cutting edge program designed to provide individuals the latest knowledge and
skills necessary to operate a motor vehicle on the highways of the Commonwealth in a manner
conducive to public safety. Whether one is a newly licensed driver, or one with many years of
experience, he or she will benefit from the material presented in this course. The cost of the
Driver improvement is $50.

DUI Court
RAASAP and the Fredericksburg General District Court have come together to initiate the first DUI Court program in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Fredericksburg DUI Court is modeled after the “Drug Court” concept coordinating substance abuse intervention with direct judicial support imposing immediate sanctions for probationer’s behavior throughout probation. RAASAP has provided the operations manual, substance abuse assessment, coordination of intervention services and case management services for operations of the DUI Court. The first DUI Court referrals began 5/1/99 from Fredericksburg General District Court. The DUI Court expanded 7/01, to incorporate referrals from Spotsylvania General District Court. The DUI Court expanded again in 7/05 to include Stafford General District Court.

For more information about the Rappahannock ASAP, please call (540) 645-6310.

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