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Southside Virginia ASAP

150 Aubrey's Loop
South Boston, VA 24592 Map

Phone: (434) 572-4939
Fax:     (434) 572-1779

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Serves the counties of Brunswick, Halifax, and Mecklenburg.

Programs Offered
Probation Monitoring

Suspended License Intervention Interview (DMV Ordered)

Driver Improvement Program
First Offender Drug Program
Young Offender Program
Drug Screen
Habitual Offender Evaluation
Interlock Monitoring (no ASAP)

Special Information

Southside Va. ASAP has provided substance abuse intervention services to the counties of Brunswick, Halifax, and Mecklenburg since 1976. At Southside, we offer a Driver Improvement Clinic for residents seeking an improved driver-point balance, insurance premium reductions, or for individuals referred by the Court as the result of, or in lieu of, a traffic conviction. Also provided are services such as habitual offender evaluations, education, and monitoring for anyone previously declared a habitual offender.

The Driver Improvement Program

The Driver Improvement Program offered by Southside Virginia ASAP is a course designed to provide individuals with the latest knowledge and skills necessary to operate a motor vehicle on the highways of the commonwealth in a manner conducive to public safety. Whether one is a newly licensed driver or one with many years of driving experience, he or she will benefit from the material presented in the course.

The Driver Improvement Program provides guidelines as well as specific techniques that will improve one's driving abilities so that he or she will be able to better recognize and avoid most situations that will lead to traffic accidents.

Topics taught in this program include:
- Seeing what is going on around the vehicle
- Communicating with other drivers
- Adjusting your speed
- Traffic and visibility conditions
- Keeping a safe margin
- You the driver
- Maintaining your vehicle
- Handling driving situations and mechanical failure

Class Information
The classes offered at the Southside Virginia ASAP office are designed to accommodate twenty (20) students. All necessary material are provided for the students. The instructor, Dan Elder, is certified through the Commission on VASAP.

Safe Driving Points
Virginia applies the uniform demerit point system to all its drivers convicted, or found innocent in the case of juveniles, for traffic offences committed. Demerit points are based on the severity of the offence and the potential hazardous exposure to other people on the road.

Virginia also awards safe driving points. One point is awarded each year to drivers whose record does not contain any suspensions, revocations, or findings of not innocent. You may accumulate no more than five plus points on your driving record.

Safe driving points received from the completion of the Driver Impairment Clinic will be used to offset up to five demerit points. The points will appear as the difference between the plus points and any existing demerit points.

For more information about the Southside Virginia ASAP, please call (434) 572-4939.

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