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Improving Highway Safety Through The Reduction in Incidence of Driving Impaired

At VASAP we provide many different types of services to citizens of the Commonwealth. These services focus on the core issue of impaired driving and the goal is for a permanent change in behavior. We are happy you are visiting with us today, so in the best interest of your time, let's take a look at a quick overview of some of the general services we provide.


Intensive Education: This 5-week, 10-hour program focuses on substance abuse and its relationship to highway safety, health and addiction. This program is based on the belief that people have the power to change their behavior if they have the motivation and tools to make it a reality.

Treatment Education: The primary goals of this 4-week, 8-hour program is helping participants explore their high-risk, substance-related behavior and to reduce the number of alcohol and/or other drug-related offenses. This program supplements intervention provided by licensed treatment professionals when offenders are assessed as needing treatment.

Young Offender Program: This program is for younger individuals who have committed a non-driving alcohol-related offense, such as underage possession of alcohol. Participation in the program may result in either a reduced charge or dismissal of the original charge.


Habitual Offender Evaluation: The Virginia Code permits persons, who are declared to be habitual or multiple offenders, to petition the court for restoration of full or restricted driving privileges. The courts, prior to acting on any petitioner's request, require the ASAP to make recommendations regarding the petitioner's suitability for license restoration. A petitioner can enroll in this service to initiate the process.

Driver Improvement: Most individuals are familiar with the DMV points system as it relates to an individual's driver transcript. In some instances, individuals seek to voluntarily attend to receive positive points to their driving record. Commonly, individuals are mandated by DMV or the court to attend a program due to one or more driving infraction(s). The ASAP offers an opportunity for individuals to meet the requirements of the court or DMV, or receive voluntary points, through this service.

Suspended Driving Intervention Interview: This service is for those individuals who are required, per the Virginia Code, to attend a one-hour intervention interview course due to a second conviction of driving while suspended or revoked. During this session, the ASAP case management staff will answer attendees questions regarding laws, and explain the consequences of future offenses.


Reckless-Aggressive Driver: This service is a 12-hour program consisting of two parts. The first session is a traditional 8-hour driver improvement program. The second 4-hour session focuses on reckless driving, aggressive driving, road rage and anger management. Persons assigned to this program by the court have usually committed an offense such as reckless driving which does not involve the use of alcohol.

Ignition Interlock: Ignition Interlock is a statutorily mandated requirement for offenders convicted of driving under the influence. The ignition interlock device is attached to the offender's vehicle, prohibiting it from starting unless the offender is alcohol free. The device records the blood alcohol level and identity of the driver along with any attempts to tamper or circumvent the device or its camera. Any tampering or circumvention of the interlock device is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor. VASAP monitors Virginia ignition interlock requirements for the courts and DMV.

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