Client Testimonials​

Often times ASAP clients, past and present, reach out to express what they learned from their time with us and the impact the program has had on their life.

We value these testimonials as they reflect the value of the ASAP program in helping individuals reach their personal goals. We are appreciative of the individuals who have volunteered to share their ASAP testimonial, not only with us, but with each of you.

"It was very laid back and more about learning how to be better as opposed to beating people down for their mistakes."

"The awareness it brought was that we all have a choice."

"It wasn't like a class session with a bunch of paper handouts and boring lectures but more of an open discussion with peers on various topics which caused me to see different views."

"I didn't expect to learn as much as I did and was surprised that I actually enjoyed a lot of it."

"It didn't feel like a class that was shaming me. It made me feel comfortable enough to evaluate myself and be honest about my habits."

"This program has helped me understand self-evaluation, the power of self-talk, positive and negative feelings and behavior and how to have a plan to stop drinking and stick to the plan."

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