VASAP Treatment Provider Directory Request
In this portal, treatment providers can only request to be placed on the VASAP Treatment Directory. If you are interested in being placed on the VASAP Treatment Directory to provide treatment services to ASAP offenders, gather all the information below and then click the Sign In/Sign Up button below to begin the process. Please note that online or virtual treatment assessments and treatment services are not permitted.
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If you are interested in being on the Commission on VASAP Treatment Service Provider Directory the following information is required to apply (do not create an account unless you have all items below):

  • Name of Service Provider Agency or Company
  • Agency Contact Person
  • Address and phone number of agency’s primary location (once approved, it will be the responsibility of the administrator of the account to add the additional locations)
  • Website address, if applicable
  • Additional languages provided, if applicable
  • Names of all Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner/s (LSATP), if applicable *
  • Names of All ASAM individuals and their health professional’s license type. If staff is not LSATP, a copy of ASAM Certificate will be required**
  • Copy of State health professionals license with expiration date and state license number (for each individual that is added to provide treatment services)

*Providers who are Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioners (LSATP) are exempt from the ASAM requirement.

**Although the optional eLearning modules are good preparatory materials, they cannot be used in lieu of the required two-day interactive (in-person) ASAM Criteria Skill-building training that provides 13-14 CEUs.

Once it is confirmed that you meet the listed requirements, view the two training videos in their entirety before creating a new account. 

To access Treatment Provider Case Management User Training and/or VASAP Treatment Provider Directory Request, please click the video box.

Play Video about Treatment Provider Case Management User Training
Play Video about VASAP Treatment Provider Directory Request

While creating your account you will be prompted to provide the required information, sign the Commission on VASAP Treatment Service Agreement and upload all required documents.

Once this information is received, reviewed, and approved, a new web link to access the VASAP Case Management System will be provided to you along with your login information.  Note, the link on the approval email is different from the link to register and is only available in your welcome email, be sure to save it.

To request to be added on the VASAP Treatment Directory, please, please click the white button.  This link is NOT for case management.

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